Автор: Дмитрий Моисеев

Slow rock-ballade with long electric guitar solo.

On my life's journey
There were times
When I was failing,
But those were not crimes

I thought I was doing
My best to avoid
Repeating the fails
To be fully destroyed.

My personal fortune
proved to be
Even more merciless
than I could believe.

When my new failures are knocking me down,
I plunge much deeper into the dark
The despair is defeating me, But I stand
And I repeat from the start to the end:

Just clear your mind,
Breaking out of despair.
And start it again from other side.
The way from scratch: when you begin,
Still chance remains for you to win.

The older and weaker
in feelings I get,
The more actually stronger
I pretend.
I remember the failures,
they were scars on my soul,
But I take a step forward, in my usual role.